Executive Board 

President: Ed Gritzner              egritz04@gmail.com

Vice President: John Winters   jwinters@wi.rr.com  

Treasurer: Paul Todd                 ptodd@wi.rr.com            

Secretary: Judy Zebrowski       itzgrammie@gmail.com


District 1:

Tina Invergo          tinainvergo@gmail.com     630-804-9232

Bernadette Moran     bemoran@aol.com        773-315-7338

District 2:

Bill Legge                 baggerbill59@att.net       708-289-2158

Rich Kieszkowski     rich88@hotmail.com       262-248-1864

District 3:

Bill Finkel                  wfinkel3@yahoo.com     262-248-6685

Doug Adams             adams.doug15@yahoo.com

District 4:

John Sullivan   john.sullivan@protective.com  847-275-4841

Ruby Chambers      racham56@aol.com         312-203-4786

District 5:

Allen Searles          arsearles@hotmail.com    262-248-6062

Steph Nicewarner   snicewarner@wi.rr.com    262-745-8881

District Map



Physical Address:

W3730, Club House Drive, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Mailing Address:
PO Box 268 Lake Geneva WI 53147 us



Clerk Hours:

Wednesdays 4-6pm  Saturdays 10am-12pm

Closed on holidays

​​​​​Finance Committee:

Allen Searles   arsearles@hotmail.com    262-248-6062


Pier Committee:

Bernadette Moran    bemoran@aol.com        773-315-7338

Marla Walsh        marla.k.walsh@gmail.com  773-520-7722

Greg Ruswick      g.ruswick@att.net               815-715-1570

Lakefront Committee:

Gene Decker         meengene59@aol.com    847-302-6039

Steph Nicewarner  snicewarner@wi.rr.com    262-745-8881

​Anthony Squeo  anthonyvsqueo@gmail.com 614-332-0185

Fundraising Committee:


Clubhouse Committee:

John Winters                  jwinters@wi.rr.com  262-208-8989

Steph Nicewarner  snicewarner@wi.rr.com    262-745-8881


Activity Committee:

Tina Invergo      tinainvergo@gmail.com     630-804-9232

Ruby Chambers  racham56@aol.com         312-203-4786


By-Law Committee:

​John Sullivan   john.sullivan@protective.com 847-275-4841

Steph Nicewarner  snicewarner@wi.rr.com    262-745-8881

Doug Adams            adams.doug15@yahoo.com

Debbie Bromeland   imiuru@wi.rr.com

Judy Zebrowski        itzgrammie@gmail.com

If you would like to join one or more committees, please fill out the below application and return it to the Clerk.

Committee Application

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