Our new elected Officers are:

President: John Winters

Treasurer: Mike Spread

District 3: Bill Finkel, Ed Bogard

District 4: Doug Adams, Ruby Chambers

District 5: Tom Cavadias, Tim Kelly

Finance Committee: Gene Decker, Dennis Hammer, Bill Mackey

LCBPOA 5-31-20 Financial Review Report.pdf

If you would like to donate to our Tree Memorial Fundraiser, please fill out the attached application form.

Memorial Tree Fundraiser Application.pdf

​100 Year Anniversary: We are seeking volunteers to help with the planning of our 100 Year Anniversary celebration in 2026! All ages are welcome! Our long-time resident, Richard Klein will be heading the committee.  Any articles, pictures, postcards, letters, fond memories or newspaper articles anyone would like to share, please call Richard at 708-846-9589.  If you are interested, please fill out the attached Committee application. 100 Year Anniversary Committee Application.pdf

We are now a Non-Smoking facility.

​​The Association does not support or endorse any political parties.

Reminder: All ATV's are illegal to be on any of the roads. Please follow the rules for your safety and for others.