All piers must have the pier number on both ends of the pier.

Rules & Regulations

Current Pier Holder List (05/15/19)

Town of Geneva Ord 57 - Piers

The public boat launch belongs to the Town of Geneva. If you use the launch you must pay the launch fee.


Pier Users

Waiting List Application

Rules & Regulations

Current  Waiting list (08/15/19)

Anyone on the Pier Waiting list can submit a bid for an auction pier spot (pier not included).

Pier Auction Letter

Pier Auction Application 2019


Pier Waiting List

The Association has DNR approval to have 140 piers. We are required to follow DNR & Town of Geneva rules & ordinances. There are1600 billable properties within the association & the 140 pier spots are in great demand. If you are a member in Good Standing we encourage you to get on the pier waiting list, remain in Good Standing, follow the Association Rules, share a pier with someone & be patient current wait time is +10 years.

Piers are not transferable. When you do get a pier it is imperative that you pay your dues on time & that you and your guests follow association rules.

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We have 1.3 miles of usable lakefront that we maintain, care for & protect. Erosion, geese, invasive plants & tree trimming are some of the issues that we deal with on a regular basis.

Lakefront Long Term Master Plan

Shoreline Erosion Presentation

Whittier & Lake Shore Drive

Erosion Study

Clean Boats Clean Water

Invasive Species

Yellow Floating Heart

Ponds & Water Gardens

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We have a 4 buoys spots!. You must be on the pier waiting list to be considered for a buoy spot.

Rules & Regulations

Buoy Anchoring 1

Buoy Anchoring 2


Lake Como Beach Property Owner's Association