All piers must have the pier number on both ends of the pier.

Pier Rules and Agreement Rev. 12.2019.pdf

Current Pier List 6.15.20.pdf

Town of Geneva Ord 57 - Piers

Town of Geneva Ord. 4 Lake-Como-Use.pdf

The public boat launch belongs to the Town of Geneva. If you use the launch you must pay the launch fee.


Pier Users


   ​Lake Como Beach Property Owner's Association


Pier Waiting List

We have 4 buoys spots!. You must be on the pier waiting list to be considered for a buoy spot.

Rules & Regulations

Buoy Anchoring 1

Buoy Anchoring 2


The Association has DNR approval to have 140 piers. We are required to follow DNR & Town of Geneva rules & ordinances. There are1600 billable properties within the association & the 140 pier spots are in great demand. If you are a member in Good Standing, we encourage you to get on the pier waiting list, remain in Good Standing, follow the Association Rules, share a pier with someone & be patient, current wait time is +10 years.

Piers are not transferable. When you do get a pier it is imperative that you pay your dues on time & that you and your guests follow association rules.

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We have 1.3 miles of usable lakefront that we maintain, care for & protect. Erosion, geese, invasive plants & tree trimming are some of the issues that we deal with on a regular basis.

WI DNR Chapter NR 326.pdf

Lakefront Long Term Master Plan

Shoreline Erosion Presentation

Whittier & Lake Shore Drive

Erosion Study

Clean Boats Clean Water

Invasive Species

Yellow Floating Heart

Ponds & Water Gardens

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